Unfauxcast: A Malifaux Podcast
Episode 6 - Audio Dramas

Episode 6 - Audio Dramas

May 30, 2016
Well... Episode 6.2... After the first time we did it decided to be unlistenable... and not just the content this time.

This episode we reminisce about Highlander and enforcer brawls, discuss the results, the stats and other factual, unarguable evidence based things.

Under appreciated models gets another run, this time Outcasts.

Upcoming events you should attend; 

Fates Entwined -  June 18, 1 day "doubles" event More Info
PandaCon - Tabletop, RPG and board games convention July 2-3 More Info
Malifornication - 2 days of Faux in Sydney July 30-31 More Info

Tunes from this episode:

Gogol Bordello - Illumination
Circus Contraption - Hot Potato
Scarlet Room - Marionette
This Way to the Egress - We Won't Go
...and something completely different
Episode 5 - Highlander

Episode 5 - Highlander

April 10, 2016

The highlander edition - there can be only 1...

This episode we talk all things enforcer brawls. Multiplayer madness all round. 
We talk upcoming events and why you should travel to tournaments
We even get into some Malifaux tactics with our new "under appreciated models" segment - 1st off on the table: Guild.

Upcoming events you should attend; 

  • Highlander - Enforcer brawl event May 14 More Info
  • PandaCon - Tabletop, RPG and board games convention July 2-3 More Info

Tunes from this episode:

  • The Shanklin Freak Show - Carousel
  • Scarlet Room - Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Coldblooded Jury
  • The Widow's Bane - The Wedding Song
  • The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Pass the Kerosene
  • Alestorm - Drink
Episode 4 - Twatrecap

Episode 4 - Twatrecap

March 21, 2016

Twatifaux Recap

We've either been running or playing in Australia's largest Malifaux tournament "Twatifaux"
Hear how the lads went, who they played, and what else happened

Talk about tourney etiquette and other such nonsense

Massive thanks to House of WarJackal Laser Designs & TAOR Gaming Mats along with everyone who attended


  • Voltaire - The Beast of Pirate's Bay
  • Ghostfire - Vaudevillain
  • Professor Elemental - Splendid
  • Johnny Hollow - People Are Strange
  • The Cog is Dead - The Copper War
Episode 3 - Tournamental!

Episode 3 - Tournamental!

February 14, 2016

In this episode we whisper sweet nothings about tournaments we've attended, and those yet to come...

Chat about Cancon, Arcanafaux, general social etiquette, Shenlong and stuff...

Twatifaux... The tournament you want to be in and around.

Get all the info on WargamerAU

Music credits for this episode...

  • Psychological Recovery... 6 Months - Hanns Zimmer
  • Suzy - Caravan Palace
  • Roundtable rival - Lindsay Stirling
  • Mariner's Revenge Song -The Decemberists
Episode 2

Episode 2

January 28, 2016

Gaining Grounds 2016 has finally hit!

Welcome to Episode 2: The trialer run...

Find out which new Schemes here are the ones to fear. Learn how they made Leviticus vulnerable to an Assassinate. Figure out how we stay off-topic at all times. Learn about how Nurses are a totally rad and neato unit with no annoying abilities whatsoever!

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded during beta testing, before the final release. Some details have changed.

Music Credits: 

Dr Steel - Lullaby Bye
Ghostfire - The last steampunk waltz 
Lovett - Eye of the storm 
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - Hail the chap
Episode 1

Episode 1

January 28, 2016
Intros, who we are, what we are planning on...
A whole lot of not staying on topic. Cancon & Arcanafaux prep and planning. How bent nurses are.

Music creds:

Fighting Trousers - Professor Elemental
Brass Goggles - Steam Powered Giraffe
Dead - Volaire
Death of the cog - The Cog Is Dead
Voodoo Mon Amour - Diablo Swing Orchestra