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Season 2 Episode 4 - Build a bear… err… crew

Season 2 Episode 4 - Build a bear… err… crew

April 23, 2017

This month we ramble on and then actually put our theories to practice...

Unlock your models secret powers by actually putting them on the table

But mostly, building a crew. You've declared your faction, so has your opponent. The deployment, strats and schemes have been generated. Now what?

Music from this episode:

  • Too old to die young - Django unchained soundtrack
  • Hanging Tree - Hunger games mockingjay soundtrack

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Season 2 Episode 3 - The Bridesmaid Cometh

Season 2 Episode 3 - The Bridesmaid Cometh

March 26, 2017

This month the regular idiots you listen to are joined by the one and only Bridesmaid Ben Farrar.

We talk Twatifaux and all things tournament

The rule of 3 - why there's 3 of the same model in a box

Those game skewing jokers and why that's not a bad thing

Underrated models is back!! Neverborn edition this time

And a whole lot of other crap.

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Songs from this episode:

  • Vermillion Lies - Shady
  • Tankus The Henge - Life Is A Grimm Tale Sometimes
  • Jeff Wayne - Horsell Common And The Heart Ray
Season 2 Episode 2: Conning the Can

Season 2 Episode 2: Conning the Can

February 19, 2017

More tournament reports than you can poke a stick at!

With both Pip and Mouse playing CanCon and Faux Roads, there's games results, and talk about our sub par finishes...

Will the errata just go away already? and why we Down Under don't understand it...

Then how excited we all are for the greatest Malifaux show around Twatifaux 2017


Songs from this episode:

  • Emili Autumn - Let The Record Show 
  • Jazzistic - Personal Jesus (feat. Karen Souza)
  • 16 Horsepower - Clogger


Now: Go and sign up for Twatifaux!

New Year. New Crew.

New Year. New Crew.

January 21, 2017

Season 2 Episode 1

Or just episode 13... Take your pick


This episode we talk new crews, and how we go about putting a new master on the table.

Sytles of play, and how the different styles can effect what's good, what's not, and how you can play against the player...


"Soft Scores" in tournaments, whether paint scores, sportsmanship scores and other things could re emerge


Songs from this episode:

The recap - The Dead South

Tarantella - This way to the Egress


Tournaments you should attend

Faux Roads


Episode 12 - The season 1 finale

Episode 12 - The season 1 finale

December 30, 2016

12 months of Unfauxcast... and you're still here... We're as surprised as you are!

In this episode we talk all things Pigapaux, Some Twat masters talk, the latest errata gets a little bit of a look in... Comments from the peanut gallery at tournament, then new years resolutions and whatever else we get sidetracked by.

Tournaments you need to be at:

Songs from this episode

  • Drink the water - Justin Cross
  • 99 Problems - Hugo
  • Careless Whisper - Postmodern Jukebox
  • Momma Sed - Puscifer
Episode 11, Netflix & Schill, kiss and tell

Episode 11, Netflix & Schill, kiss and tell

November 12, 2016

In the latest installment from the Unfauxcast crew, we talk the games from Netflix & Schill, more community and etiquette, but most excitedly we found someone to talk that faction that isn't a faction, underrated gremlins.

Phil swings by to regale us with tales of the lofty heights of tournament success & explain why there are no bad mean and green options.

Songs from this episode:

  • American Murder Song - Murder Murder Murder
  • The Silent Comedy - Poison
  • The tiger lillies - Sick

Tournaments and events to attend:

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Episode 10 - Double digits, and the Munroad

Episode 10 - Double digits, and the Munroad

October 16, 2016

10! Count em! it's like the whole 9 yards then some!

This month we bring the deceptively innocent sounding James Munro to help us talk all things underrated Arcanists

Along with that, we shoot the breeze about conversions, proxies, and scratch builds - discuss letting the meta settle after big releases and whether underrated models give you an advantage.

Also upcoming events that we are super pumped about:

Netflix and Schill - Oct 22/23 - House of War - Get Involved

Skulls Malifaux - Nov 13 - Sth Perth Civic Centre - Check it yo

Pigapaux - Nov 19/2- White Eagle House - Time For Bacon

Cancon - Jan 27/28 - Canberra - Visit the capital

Songs from this episode:

  • Brillig - The Hearse Song
  • Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
  • Curtis Eller's American Circus - Sugar in my Coffin
Episode 9 - We get our own Lackey

Episode 9 - We get our own Lackey

September 18, 2016

A new challenger appears.

This episode we sneak long time wargaming buddy, and all round top guy, Sedgey away from his new family to talk all things underrated ressers. Also a report from the recent Henchman Hardcore event "What Lackeys Are For", Divergent Paths & Story Encounters, Along with the rest of the years Faux calendar as it stands.

Links to Faux events you need to attend:

Also Pigapaux! 19-20 Nov Geelong (Player pack to come)

As promised, an adulterated Mouse:

Pip's first attempt


How my darling wife sealed the deal

And songs from this episode

  • Abney Park - The End Of Days
  • Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus
Episode 8  - And now we’re poor

Episode 8 - And now we’re poor

August 21, 2016

Another episode as we reflect on the extra mortgages we had to take out, and the unspeakable things we had to do to afford our respective GenCon orders...

Mailbags, Thoughts on getting extra competitive, the Ripples of Fate master initial thoughts and more.
Note. I screwed something in the audio file. There's a bunch of background hiss, also a bit of an echo for part of it. I'm sorry... Apparently just buying decent equipment isn't enough - you also need to learn how to use it. 

Ways to tell us we're shit:

Events you should attend:

Pigapaux - TBC

Songs from this episode:

  • Hypnogaja - Looking Glass
  • Thoushaltnot - The Haunted Phonograph
  • Vagabond Opera - Red Balloon
  • Beat Circus - The Mack
Episode 7 - Fates Entwined & new microphoniums

Episode 7 - Fates Entwined & new microphoniums

July 15, 2016

We're back! Hopefully with better sound quality and an even sultrier sound in your ear holes!

In this episode we talk all things "Fates Entwined" with reports from the players and thoughts on the "doubles" format.

We discuss the concept of "Broken" "Game breaking" or "Unbalanced" in the wake of the most recent errata to do with the rat-train / rat-bomb & everyone's favourite steampunk necromancer, Levi.

Finally we get into The Underrated models - 10 Thunders edition

Tunes from this episode:

  • Zombie Prostitute - Voltaire
  • Lullabye - Valentine Wolfe
  • Malaguena Salerosa - Chingon 

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