Unfauxcast: A Malifaux Podcast

Season 3 Episode 3 - Highlander, Headbutts, and Handbags

April 22, 2018

Leigh "That Guy / Caramello / The other henchman from the western suburbs of Melbourne" and Phil "Get off the podium already" Cottrell Join Pip and Mouse to talk all things Highlander...

After the original Enforcer Brawl event wrap up, and a whole lot o talk about hobby with tips and tricks raining like men, we get into the real questions: What makes a negative play experience? Why is competitive douchebaggery bad... Is it bad? What's the best pick up line you've ever heard?

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Songs from this episode:

  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - There's No Night Out in the Jail
  • Steam Powered Giraffe - Automatonic Electronic Harmonics (Acoustic)

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