Unfauxcast: A Malifaux Podcast

Season 2 Episode 11 - C-C-C-Combo Breaker

December 16, 2017

Look who's back, back again...

Another year done and dusted... dang... Lots to reflect upon, and a whole lot to look forward to.

The Irwinator joins us once again to discuss some combos you may want to look forward to trying out on the table.

Mercenaries - when the merc tax is worth it... We kick of a discussion that will become a regular feature (we think)

As well as the usual shenaniganry and whatnot.

Events you should get all up in and around:

Songs from this episode:

  • The Dead South - Gunslinger's Glory
  • the Real Tuesday Weld - Me and Mr Wolf
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve (Sarajevo)

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