Unfauxcast: A Malifaux Podcast

Episode 10 - Double digits, and the Munroad

October 16, 2016

10! Count em! it's like the whole 9 yards then some!

This month we bring the deceptively innocent sounding James Munro to help us talk all things underrated Arcanists

Along with that, we shoot the breeze about conversions, proxies, and scratch builds - discuss letting the meta settle after big releases and whether underrated models give you an advantage.

Also upcoming events that we are super pumped about:

Netflix and Schill - Oct 22/23 - House of War - Get Involved

Skulls Malifaux - Nov 13 - Sth Perth Civic Centre - Check it yo

Pigapaux - Nov 19/2- White Eagle House - Time For Bacon

Cancon - Jan 27/28 - Canberra - Visit the capital

Songs from this episode:

  • Brillig - The Hearse Song
  • Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
  • Curtis Eller's American Circus - Sugar in my Coffin