Season 2 Episode 11 - C-C-C-Combo Breaker

December 16, 2017

Look who's back, back again...

Another year done and dusted... dang... Lots to reflect upon, and a whole lot to look forward to.

The Irwinator joins us once again to discuss some combos you may want to look forward to trying out on the table.

Mercenaries - when the merc tax is worth it... We kick of a discussion that will become a regular feature (we think)

As well as the usual shenaniganry and whatnot.

Events you should get all up in and around:

Songs from this episode:

  • The Dead South - Gunslinger's Glory
  • the Real Tuesday Weld - Me and Mr Wolf
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve (Sarajevo)

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Season 2 Episode 10 - Stras-tegies for the Fauxture

November 28, 2017

This month (Only just made it too, didn't we), Pip and Mouse are joined by literally the nicest non-canadians in wargaming: Leigh "Caramello" Caruana, and Mr Honey-dicked himself, Jomane Ramos.

Amongst giggling about processed meat related adult content that shall not be shared, we discuss all things Back to the Fauxture, the first tournament run by Faux Braux and all round nice guy Corey.

Paint scores and other soft scores get a focus once again with the draft pack for Twatifaux 2018 released for feedback

The new Malifaux app gets a review from a guy that's actually used it

And once again we feel the need to belabour the point about how integral Jokers are to the game we all love.

Events you should attend:

Songs from this episode:

  • Amy Lee - Sally's Song
  • Bitter Ruin - Stampede

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Season 2 Episode 9 - Schilling for your thoughts

October 21, 2017

Felix has the consumption, but the Irwinator steps in to fill us, and you with his very essence...

Netflix & Schill II - Schill harder has been and gone, although a recovering (and somewhat spluttering) Pip couldn't make it, Mouse and Adam regale listeners with tales of the games that were...

Talk of team tournaments and the extra effort required ensues

Then we force the idea of a rankings system of sorts down Pip's throat. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear the moment his gag reflex engages...

Events you should attend:

Songs from this episode:

  • Angizia - Es reiten die Toten so schnell
  • Amanda Seyfried - Little Red Riding Hood

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Season 2 Episode 8 - Faux is a Funderland

September 24, 2017

Holy hell, it's like a whole month since you last listened to Unfauxcast! How have you been?

We are back to fill the obvious and unsatiated void left since you last partook in your fav podcast.

Could you believe that this episode may even be less structured than usual? Me neither... but there you go...

A hazy shade of Fauxmageddon game reports

We fight over the age old question - Does a balanced game make for a fun game? 

Answer some random shit you asked, and talk about the gazillion events coming up...

Speaking of - Go to these things:

Songs from this episode:

  • The Builders and the Butchers - Bottom of the Lake (Cheers Tyrus Quade for the suggestion)
  • Ben Miller Band - Sugar Hill (Cheers to Doug Broman for this gem)
  • Black - Kari Kimmel (Another Doug Broman special)


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Season 2 Episode 7 - Foaming at Geddon

August 20, 2017

GenCon is upon us!! But we ignored all that jazz, and talked about some other stuff...

Christmas in Faux-Ly wrap up & Old man Schill

Themed game strategies and the levels of excitement we are feeling to play something other than GG17 for a change.

Errata - it happened, and Pip is angry...

Then the breach provides: We try to cram our large, overbearing, and oh so humble personalities into Malifaux characters...


Songs from this episode:

  • Amanda Jayne - Psychosis
  • Rail Yard Ghosts - Birds
  • Red Skunk Band - The Vamp of the New Orleans
  • Mark Lanegan - Man In The Long Black Coat

Season 2 Episode 6 - Back on the wagon

July 9, 2017

Too long between drinks, also I THINK we may have missed June due to how the data allowance rolls over... Anyway:

Adam The Irwinator himself comes along for the ride, whilst we talk about getting excited about Faux again, wave 5 and the cautiousness we are approaching it with. 

Review the first of the "crew selection proving ground" games, and anything and everything else.

As always, hit us up on Facebook, or email us and we'll most likely reply with the speed of someone alone in a nightclub at 3am.

Events you really need to get amongst:

  • Christmas in Fauxly
  • And stay tuned for: Fauxmageddon, Highlander Enforcer Brawl, and whatever else comes along...

Songs from this episode:

  • Bernadette - IAMX
  • Terrible Things - April Smith and the Great Picture Show
  • Anchor - Birdeatsbaby

Season 2 Episode 5 - Where’s Felix?

May 28, 2017

This month in the absence of Felix due to the crushing weight of real life, we are joined by a man who just had his T.O. cherry popped in incredibly successful fashion, all round nice guy Leigh "Caramello" Caruana... The guy who can win best sports whilst playing Pandora...

We discuss a bit of Faux Fatigue, and why sometimes having a break, cleansing the palette, is a good thing... 

Henchman Hardcore, post "Band of Misfits" and running an event (why it's not so scary)

Non competitive Malifaux, and how that sometimes needs more of a focus.

Events you should attend

Songs from this episode

  • Katzenjammer - Hey Ho
  • Paul Shapera - Voodoopunk
  • Ramin Djawadi - Black Hole Sun

Start looking the part

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Season 2 Episode 4 - Build a bear… err… crew

April 23, 2017

This month we ramble on and then actually put our theories to practice...

Unlock your models secret powers by actually putting them on the table

But mostly, building a crew. You've declared your faction, so has your opponent. The deployment, strats and schemes have been generated. Now what?

Music from this episode:

  • Too old to die young - Django unchained soundtrack
  • Hanging Tree - Hunger games mockingjay soundtrack

Stuff to go to:


Season 2 Episode 3 - The Bridesmaid Cometh

March 26, 2017

This month the regular idiots you listen to are joined by the one and only Bridesmaid Ben Farrar.

We talk Twatifaux and all things tournament

The rule of 3 - why there's 3 of the same model in a box

Those game skewing jokers and why that's not a bad thing

Underrated models is back!! Neverborn edition this time

And a whole lot of other crap.

Need to give us feedback? Disagree with all we say?

Drop us a line on facebook, twitter, or email

Songs from this episode:

  • Vermillion Lies - Shady
  • Tankus The Henge - Life Is A Grimm Tale Sometimes
  • Jeff Wayne - Horsell Common And The Heart Ray

Season 2 Episode 2: Conning the Can

February 19, 2017

More tournament reports than you can poke a stick at!

With both Pip and Mouse playing CanCon and Faux Roads, there's games results, and talk about our sub par finishes...

Will the errata just go away already? and why we Down Under don't understand it...

Then how excited we all are for the greatest Malifaux show around Twatifaux 2017


Songs from this episode:

  • Emili Autumn - Let The Record Show 
  • Jazzistic - Personal Jesus (feat. Karen Souza)
  • 16 Horsepower - Clogger


Now: Go and sign up for Twatifaux!